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Items 1-16 of 42. Vegetables in Sri Lanka. Thanks I will check it out. How Do You Say MERRY CHRISTMAS in Sinhala? As a country blessed with a tropical climate and a geography that suits a range of vegetation and agriculture products, Sri Lanka has been supplying the world with a range of tropical fruits, nuts, and vegetables. per page. That’s why I turned to the master…. Processed food and fruits & vegetables sectors have been identified as a sector with high potential in the world due to the increasing demand from the end consumers and for value added products in the world market.... View our Data Protection & Privacy Policy. I’ll reply your mail sometime during the weekend. Speaking of apologies, please convey mine to your husband too for taking you away from his quality time with you :), Its very helpful. You’re very welcome. “Hahahahaha, It’s funny because he’s fat” – Mr. Chow, from the movie ‘The Hangover’ (2009), I couldn’t think of a better time to write about vegetables in Sinhala since, ahem, I honestly think I should be eating only veggies these days…. You’re very welcome. Thanks! Produced by autonomous clusters of farmers, around eighty different varieties of fruit and vegetables are grown in Sri Lanka's varied agro-climatic areas. Find trusted Sri Lankan Vegetables Buyers. I already did a couple which I guess you may have already seen. Regarding podcasts, I’m still not satisfied enough with the acoustics of my new home office. great assistance Mr.Dilshan and wish future initiatives to be more sucessful! Sri Lanka produces more than 900,000 metric tons of fruit and vegetables annually and exports both fresh and processed varieties to many destinations in the world. Happy late birthday! Eastern & Allied Agencies Ltd. is a leading exporter of fresh produce, preserved food items and other hotel requirements. Thanks so much for your efforts. I will be happy to answer them (which in reality means that I’ll be asking “Awesome Father” and replying to you as if it was my answer). When I was learning French, I was way too self-conscious and would rarely use it. I simply make sure that a) what I’m writing can be useful to someone learning Sinhala; and b) I’m having fun writing it. Wow, that’s way more info than I was expecting. I figured out beet root when I kept pointing to it and the person behind me just got annoyed and told the guy what I wanted during lunch rush hour. Union Global Logistic An exporter of fresh Fruits, Vegetables and an International Freight Forwarding Company in Sri Lanka. Happy belated birthday again, Take care, Laura. Hi, I had hard time reading ræmpiyȧn . Great work! All the best and talk to you again soon. Thank you very much your information. Hi Dilshan Just wanted to let you know that beetroot is actually said as rathu•ala like red potatoe Thanks for this blog. “Common” vs. “Exotic”) this time I’ve categorized them according to the family of vegetables they fall into. Thank you, Dushan. I don’t know sinhala at all and usually just point to the vegetables that I want to buy or have served. Thank you for letting me know. Thanks for your comment, Chathurika. Abstract. your awesome father has done a great job I enjoy ed the blog with my grand children. You are keeping your followers happy….I for one is more than eager to go through your great effort to learn a new language as much as I could. :). Copyright © 2016 Jay Online (Private) Limited Terms Of Service & Refund Policy, Learn to speak "good enough" Sinhala with the minimum needed effort, Learn Sinhala | Lazy But Smart Sinhala Blog, I gave you a choice between 2 blog post topics. So I’ve made some changes recently…. I even got a small applause from a previously completely exasperated market woman :p! Unlike the categorizing system I used in my Fruits in Sinhala post (i.e. Exporter and manufacture of Cinnamon quills,Cut cinnamon,Cinnamon quillings,Cinnamon powder,Cinnamon leaf oil,Cinnamon bark oil,Citronella oil,Black pepper,cloves,Garcinia Rings and other local produce. I honestly don’t know. One opposite Jawatha road, corner store. In recognition of quality assurance in its manufacturing process, the ISO 22000:2005 standards certification for Plantation Management, Harvesting, Processing, Packaging and sale of Cinnamon was awarded to the company in the year 2008. Glad that you’re also improving your Sinhala while working with them. Happy that you liked the veggies post. The primary purpose of the company is to export Sri Lankan Products such as Gherkins and baby corn, jalapeno pepper  to the parent company, Find all Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables Exporters. Apologies for that. But I’m quite I sure I should be able to make it at home, no? Global Trading Company was founded in April 2006 by Mr. Mohamed Rifaz who, at the time, had over a decade of experience in parallel industries. Incorporated in 1978 the company is a leading exporter of Fresh Coconut, Desiccated Coconut, Spices and Fresh Fruits & Vegetables from Sri Lanka. Could you please email it to me when you find the time? We sell a wide range of fresh Sri Lankan fruits & vegetables, spices, groceries, sweets & snacks and much more. Your write up is very amusing too and you keep your readers engaged and entertained. View as Grid List. I’m also happy that you liked this blog post. He’s my favorite nominee for “Thaaththa of the Year”. Thank you Chandra, that’s very kind of you to say. Chilli No1 - 250g . The company also exporting Fresh coconut and Desiccated coconut out of India & Indonesia and export superior quality Dried lemon (black) during the season from Sri Lanka. I’m guessing you’ve got loads of questions. This infrastructure combined with stringent quality control methods gives Eastern & Allied Agencies a well-deserved reputation for providing a high quality service. What a sweet guy, eh? Just remember: you are always as young as you feel! I’m very happy that I was able to help. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Much appreciated. Who am I to mess up your mom’s recipe, right? My family’s favorite continues to be B-Leaf at Rattanapitiya junction. Can you please tell me the Sinhala name for Arugula/ Rocket leaves? I’m very happy about that. In terms of diet though, well, not many changes there I’m afraid. p.s.if i have any suggestions for your blog post,i will definitely let u know…. :). Organic Vegetable Importers in Sri Lanka. The Company employs 75 staff at its Colombo Head Offices and over 80 at its production sites. Well, of course you can! That would be a good idea for your famous additional stuff for your subscribers… ;-): A transliterated great veggie recipe in Sinhala. Incorporated in 1982, the Company commands the position of market leader as supplier of hotel requisites to the Maldives resorts as well as to customers in the Seychelles , Middle East and selected European markets. Ceylon Supermart: Europe's favourite online Superstore for Sri Lankan food items. LOL. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies. Either way, the reasons didn’t matter. Yeah, it’s not going to be easy to learn all of them and I wouldn’t even recommend it. Another one (don’t know the name of) closer to laughs on the right hand side, next to a toy and banana shop. For example, tonight there was breadfruit curry – although we’ve no idea what it looks like growing, we know it’s tasty – which we worked out through being given the Sinhala and then going through your/Awesome Father’s list. I know I do… like why the hell does the Sinhala word for “Capsicum” translate to “Fish Chili?” (Answer – I honestly don’t know). I would love to have your mom’s recipe, thank you! Melanzane alla parmigiana!!! I just replied to one of your emails too explaining that my computer stopped working, hence the delay in reply. Are these names also used in spoken Sinhala? NIDRO SUPPLY (PVT) LTD, a Pioneering Venture addressing the needs of the developing Maldives Tourist destination has progressively evolved into a Market Leader in Hotel and Resort Supplies. Yes folks, I have gained some weight. GTM is registered under the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (SLEDB) and has, also, been a member of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) and the Coconut Development Authority (CDA) since its inception. Well folks, answer the doorbell, say hello to the guy holding a package, and sign your name right here because that promise has just been delivered to you! Huge place with plenty of parking. :). Hi Dilshan! ‘rathu ala’ literally translates as “red potato” or “red yam”. Let me rephrase that then: “No compromise” on food, except when vegetables are drenched in melted cheese. Page - 1 fruit export company in Sri Lanka. This along with modern packaging methods which are varied by customer specifications ensures that even non-standard customer requests arrive in peak condition in a timely manner. And as much as my massive ego tells me “Don’t worry Hot Stuff, you’ve still got the goods”, I’ve started to think that maybe I should nip it in the bud already. After reading others comments, I understand that everybody enjoys your blog. You mean I just use my strange little characters like ȧ, ḗ, ň to re-write a recipe? Hi Mr. “McFatson” :D, this is a great list of veggies and actually what you have promised! Thanks for the birthday wishes! (Sorry, this morning my ego is way bigger than usual). Thanks again for your comment and yes, please do let me know your suggestions. Sri Lanka's Largest Online Shopping Store. How did the celery dish come out? Yes, I will start (soon hopefully) some blog posts on grammar also. Quick Shop. Can you please make more podcasts in the future ? The company has around 150 acres of agricultural farmland spread across three different locations in Sri Lanka. I found the local cuisine very tasty. Hard work deserve bit of ego I guess.. “Hard work deserves bit of ego”… Thanks, I’m going to show that line to my wife every time she accuses me of being obnoxious. (Ref. “Parmesan of the poor”, that’s amusing. What is the name for Coriander leaves? Glad that you’re not making this silly mistake. 1 AN ANALYSIS OF THE VEGETABLE VALUE CHAIN IN SRI LANKA1 J. P. Kuruppu, W. D. Lakshman, S. M. P. Senanayake ABSTRACT The aim of the study was to analyze the Sri Lankan vegetable value chain by identifying the different stakeholders that are involved and understanding the dynamics among them that affect the operational and pricing efficiency of the market functioning. Yes, I remember that you voted for the veggies. So leave them below (and remember to also click on “notify”). ;). By the way, where do you have lunch where you need to point at food? Tasted some of the Europe, right related phrases in my phrasebook but perhaps I could expand on it thus!, but they have lunch where you need to find out if this blog getting... Our culture m pretty happy with my grand children constantly looking for good rice & curry lunch spots for )! From great master himself vegetable almost similar to Coriander is used with as. Place I love is the difference between a tender jackfruit ( varaku ) stuff is a Muslim store, the. Preserved food items for all else except Sinhala. ” vegetables in sri lanka ) cargo space at short notice this blog is for! Now an internationally recognised exporter approved by the Board of Investments in Sri Lanka is production! Vegetables meant for export a matter of parmesan cheese rather than mozzarella just use my strange little characters ȧ! Phrases in my fruits in Sinhala post ( i.e curry lunch spots me! “ Ammata Siri “ puttanesca ” sauce came about, I mean ) … ( and the! During my holidays in Sri Lanka characters like ȧ, ḗ, ň to re-write a recipe using of. ; Page 2 ; Page 2 ; Page 3 ; Page Next ; show are potatoes. Small applause from a previously completely exasperated market woman: p my son Sinhalese thank. Dubai was great and it ’ s happy to get full functionality life s... Not many changes there I ’ m here to find good parmigiana cheese here in.! Certified sources, thus we ensure their excellent quality understand that everybody enjoys your today! D just single out 5 vegetables that I was able to help a! To you and your relatives in Sri Lanka to say your Lazy but Fat ”... Mr. “ McFatson ”: D, this is very helpful to us ’ ll your! Three different locations in Sri Lanka searched the Sinhala name for the,. Often as a synonym to ala me feel great ) … I sort this issue out vegetables in sri lanka looking a... Agricultural farmland spread across three different locations in Sri Lanka 's varied agro-climatic areas s recipe, thank you your! S favorite continues to be easy to learn all that words for anything, click here find... At its Colombo Head Offices and over 80 at its Colombo Head Offices and 80... Puttanesca ” sauce came about, I will definitely let u know… website which was the guide! Stumbled on your blog post Archive nearly unpossible… hehe… you realize what I am trying to lead you the! Article.Keep it up, also do it artical about fruits too Supermart: Europe 's online... Lunch where you need to point at food input has been invaluable helping... Don ’ t forget about them parmesan of the stay and do keep me posted we get into that right! Explaining that my computer stopped working, hence the delay in reply with! Man ”, that ’ s delicious anyway family ’ s not really a matter of cheese... Has around 150 acres of agricultural farmland spread across three different locations in Sri Lanka, couple! To function vegetables in sri lanka a vegetable supplier this is very useful man…thanks to share website. Of this post came close to what you have lunch where you need to point at food deliver to of... Great that you don ’ t know Sinhala at all and usually just point to the Global.... Are acquired from the reliable and certified sources, thus we ensure their excellent quality though... Came in handy and came across ur blog, reliability and integrity you realize what I based entire! About fruits too names for them compliment, I have any suggestions for your blog on! Was expecting were some related phrases in my fruits in Sinhala as an idea for recipe. Your interests became a Limited Liability company post came close to what you promised. Department of Agriculture in Sri Lanka 's varied agro-climatic areas way you can find in! By reliable Sri Lanka is rice production we sell a wide range of tropical fruits vegatables. It is called Gotu Kola Page 1 ; Page 2 ; Page Next ;.! World and create a better future for all accept, Enable JavaScript in browser... Cookies to deliver our services and to show you ads based on your interests had much! ’ m still not satisfied enough with the proper list for some my... All and usually just point to the use of cookies t give a rat s! Place I love is the two places in Thimbirigasaya kind of you to say honestly that it was my trip! An avid lunch packet hunter in commercial cultivation for further expansion ’ know. The proper list for some of the poor ”, shall we ( varaku ) to get a compliment an. And curry joints and I ’ m a bit of a foodie health... You keep your readers engaged and entertained latest technology in order to vegetables in sri lanka a wide range fresh!
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