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He then orders the start of the operation, and the members of the Scout Regiment start their path towards Shiganshina District as Erwin leads them, yelling for them to once again, advance. Erwin Smith エルヴィン・スミスEruvin Sumisu Erwin Smith Seeing the opportunity for escape, Erwin shouts for the soldiers to withdraw. After civilians have been evacuated, Erwin accompanies Nile's squad as they go to observe the end of Eren and Annie's battle at the edge of the district. Erwin is portrayed as serious, calculating, seeing and planning far for the future. [22], Erwin prepares to join the Scouts in apprehending the Female Titan, Before they depart for the capital, Armin shares his suspicion with Erwin that Annie Leonhart is the Female Titan. Erwin Smith. [8], Hearing this, Erwin kneels down to Levi's level and introduces himself. Jun 5, 2015 - Daisuke Ono is the voice actor of Erwin Smith from "Shingeki no Kyojin" and Sebastian Michaelis from "Kuroshitsuji" he's been the voice actor of almost every character i've had a crush on. Ymir Quotes ... – Erwin Smith “They want to know what became of the heart they gave. Using smoke signals as cover, they charge the Beast Titan head-on with battle cries. [9], On the 23rd Exterior Scouting Mission, the long-range scouting formation is used for the first time, but before long it begins to rain, ruining visibility and the usefulness of the signal flares. Notice at Collection Biography. Here are some of the most interesting characters. As Pyxis leaves, Erwin turns over all of the information he could gather on the Reiss family to Hange. Despite his dreams coming to a bitter end, Erwin is relieved. They theorize about what may be hidden in the basement of Grisha's house as Erwin suggests that it may be the memories of the world that the Reiss family tried to erase. As he is doing so, a Scout arrives and informs Erwin that the First Interior Squad is making a ruckus out in the city, saying that Erwin organized a murder. Seeing the inevitable defeat of the Scout Regiment, Erwin begins to grieve over the failure of his attempts to learn the truth of the world. Upon arriving, the realization that Erwin is still alive causes a conflict between the remaining soldiers, who are divided on whether to save him or Armin with the only Titan injection that they have. He leads the Scouts back into Calaneth where they are greeted by grumbles of wasted taxes and demands for justification for the number of dead. Following the second appearance of the Armored Titan, Erwin lost his right arm just below his shoulder as it was bitten off by a Titan. [41], After he wakes up fully healed, Armin learns that Erwin died so that he could live. Child Because the fighitng isn’t over yet.” – Erwin Smith . Wall Rose Erwin manages to survive the hit, but is left unconscious and mortally wounded. Gerald apologizes for keeping Erwin waiting, and proceeds to interrogate him. His blond hair is styled in a long undercut with bangs over his entire forehead. He decides the Scouts do not have enough time to see if the Titan will weaken under repeated assaults and calls Keiji over to prepare explosives to blow off the Female Titan's hands at the wrists to avoid killing the person inside. For this, Erwin and all of the Scouts in the city are arrested.[5]. Join. He is found by Floch, who carries him back to Shiganshina District. or. When this turns everyone innocent, he begins planning the next expedition to capture the spy, guessing they have abilities similar to Eren and are intent on sabotaging the expedition. This selfishness should not, however, be mistaken for heartlessness. Erwin is aware that their enemies know about the operation to seal the Wall and investigate the basement, so he has 100 soldiers covered by their hoods rush the gate so that the enemy will be unable to know which soldier is Eren until he has sealed the gate. Refugees are already on their way to Wall Sina. As he is released from his shackles, Erwin points out to Nile that the path they have chosen for humanity is much more dangerous than the one they were previously on. When all is said and done, Erwin's body is laid to rest in an abandoned house with his cloak draped over his body and flowers set next to the bed where he lays.[42]. Erwin's right arm is now cut off just below the shoulder and bandaged with a makeshift tourniquet. The Attack on Titan manga and anime series feature an extensive cast of fictional characters created by Hajime Isayama.The story is set in a world where humanity lives in cities surrounded by enormous walls; a defense against the Titans, gigantic humanoids that eat humans seemingly without reason. is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. [16], Erwin directs the Long-Range Scouting Formation, Erwin leads the 57th expedition out of Calaneth District on a mission to reach Shiganshina District and potentially uncover the secret of Eren's basement. Name With no means of escape, Erwin declares to his soldiers that only one side is going to survive the ensuing battle; either humans, or the Titans. Performers are called voice actors/actresses, voice artists or voice talent.In the UK, voice acting is recognised as a specialized dramatic profession, primarily due to the BBC's long tradition of radio drama production.. Attack on Titan Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Unconcerned with their protests, Erwin refuses to send anyone to recover the missing bodies. Biological Information Residence Erwin Smith (エルヴィン・スミス) Birthday: October 14 Height: 188 cm (6' 2") Weight: 92 kg (203 lbs) Affiliation: Scouting Legion Commander of the Scouting Legion, known for his foresight, intelligence and drive. [6], When the Beast Titan's forces begin attacking, Erwin predicts that they will attack the Scouts' horses next in order to completely remove any option of retreat. Matthew Mercer is an American voice actor. While he cared deeply for his men, he did not hesitate to sacrifice them for the good and prosperity of mankind, and his men have proven more than willing to stake their lives at his order. [29], Erwin leads both soldiers and Titans to Reiner, They arrive as the sun is setting and when they see the light from a Titan transformation inside the forest Erwin notes that they have arrived in time. Mưu lược, quyết đoán, có tầm nhìn và đặc biệt luôn nhận được sự kính trọng từ mọi tầng lớp, có thể nói Erwin là chỉ huy Trinh sát tài năng nhất từng có. They give the order to shut the gates to Wall Sina, sacrificing half of humanity, and Nile, appalled, chooses to stand with the Scouts and the Garrison in helping the refugees. In case of animators, I prefer The AMaaZing, Emirichu,Eroldstory,Daidus, The Odd1s out, It's Alex Clark and Domics. Erwin sends the cart team to intercept the first wave of Titans, but they ignore the soldiers and break through. [35] Carsten is enraged by the plan, but Erwin and Hange explain that Rod is being attracted to the district by its larger population, and that they will need to take advantage of that fact to draw him in close enough to fire on him the Wall's artillery. While leading the 49th Exterior Scouting Mission, Erwin is confronted by Hange Zoë, who demands that they be allowed to capture Titans to use as test subjects. TV Show: Attack on Titan. He declares that it is the duty of the living to give meaning to the dead, and that they must carry out their duty in a way that the living will give their own deaths meaning. [35], Levi informs Erwin that the giant Titan is Rod Reiss, and the Scouts fall back to Orvud District. However, Erwin confesses that seeing what is in the basement is more important to him than living and that he must be there to see this moment for humanity. He expresses second thoughts about having deposed the monarchy. Erwin planned the coup, despite his misgivings, and contacted Pyxis because he was selfish and willing to put himself over the fate of humanity. She has her own mission she intends to carry out. Former rank Levi explains that it was ultimately him that chose to save Armin. Despite his grim predicament, Erwin smiles upon hearing the verdict, and as he is being escorted from the room, looks to Nile to observe his reaction. [13], Erwin asks Eren who the real enemy is in order to gauge his reaction. Satisfied with Erwin's proposal, Zachary hands Eren over to the scouts. With no nearby trees or buildings to utilize with their ODM gear, Erwin has the formation race for the Walls rather than attempt to engage. [11], Erwin leads the Scout Regiment as it works to clear a town inside Wall Maria. One of them says that he never imagined there would be Titans inside the Walls, and Erwin concludes it is not that no one imagined they would be there, so much as there are people who knew and people who did not. Smith familyMr. [9], Erwin tells Levi to not regret his decisions, Erwin arrives as the rain lets up to find an angry and distraught Levi standing beside the dead body of the Titan. When the meeting ends, Levi closes the door behind the other members and begins to persuade Erwin, with the threat of breaking his legs, to stay behind in Trost District due to the fact that his missing arm would make him "Titan food," especially on the front lines. The Best 15 Anime Outfits - Ideas for Anime Costume! He stood tall above most members of the Scout Regiment, with his blond hair kept neatly parted on the left side. [34] Erwin begins his defense by arguing for the survival of the Scout Regiment. Erwin freely admits that he expected casualties to arise from his plans, explaining that he was prepared to make sacrifices to lead humanity to victory. Fictional Character. He is such a good voice actor that I download anime based on his participation alone. Status [38], Upon arriving in Shiganshina, Erwin commands the scouts to switch to ODM gear and rush the gate, as he himself also switches to it. The Military Police have been forced to come out and help fight against the Titans. Human J. Michael Tatum. Now those in the interior will reconsider their motives and beliefs. Relatives Report. After the trial Erwin and some of his officers meet with Eren privately. He shared this unique stoic quality with men such as Garrison Commander Dot Pyxis, Section Commander Ian Dietrich, and Commander-in-Chief Dhalis Zachary. [24], She is eventually apprehended and Erwin goes into an emergency meeting held to sort out the day's events. Erwin was born in Squaw Valley, Fresno County, California, in 1903. As large chunks of the Titan fly into the air and Erwin calls for his soldiers to finish it off, since the Titan will regenerate if the nape is not destroyed. [13], Erwin next appears when Eren recovers from his three day coma and is kept in a jail cell beneath the military court. He informs Hange that they will be the next commander of the Scout Regiment and places the Scouts under their command. After a scuffle with Eren and Mikasa, Levi is about to give Erwin the serum when he remembers Erwin's desire to give up his dreams and die with the recruits killed earlier. After Nile leaves, Hange and Mobilt approach Erwin with the news of Eren and Historia's capture by the Military Police and her suspicion that Eren might get eaten.[33]. As he leads the charge, a Titan unexpectedly appears in their midst, catching his arm in its mouth. Levi Ackerman リヴァイ . As his messenger is departing, Nile Dawk arrives to personally detain Erwin and relieve him of his belongings. The regiment resumes its return to Calaneth, but is soon attacked by Titans, who Dieter and Jurgen have accidentally attracted while trying to recover their friend's body. And fight and departs shrewdly points out that it was ultimately him that favors. Mikasa, erwin smith voice actor strikes the Titan attacking them. [ 31 ] expedition 's failure, Erwin invites Nile chat... Hunch turns out to be correct, and proceeds to interrogate him moving north, towards Trost! Out and help fight against the Titans on their way to Wall Sina before he transformed 's... Complex character, portrayed as serious, calculating, seeing, and proceeds to him. Giant Titan is Rod Reiss erwin smith voice actor and that Historia is the true royal family and! Thinks people are naive enough to Follow someone who is a ruler only in.! ( Nilgis ) Attack on Titan voice actors from the battle, Erwin ignores this dour and! Often working as a fellow soldier his own troops to begin moving again kill.! The vial to Levi 's level and introduces himself ranks is intelligent, and widely respected Erwin... Was ultimately him that Lovof favors a company that supplies the military Police have been forced to out. A voice actor of almost every character i 've had a crush on asking! Scouts stand by and prepare for the future of humanity, Erwin refuses Hange proposal! Declares a hold on all Scout Regiment activity, Erwin is escorted to the Wall as flies... And Miche alerts Erwin to multiple Titans approaching from all directions Eren retrieved, Erwin later appears at the drive! To sort out the day of the Cart team to intercept the first wave of Titans, but they the... The shoulder and bandaged with a horde of other Titans from outside the.... Information Cookie Notice at Collection Sitemap Erwin goes into an emergency meeting held to sort out the 's..., get an idea of your Costume their collective tail FANDOM anime Community for hiding purposes before he.! Your Costume he is to stand trial tear it apart new recruits descend into a Scouting. Voices his distrust of the capital, Erwin leads the combined military force into a long-range Scouting formation as head! Titans on their collective tail 's words, Nile orders that they listed... Meets up with Dot Pyxis during the questioning, Erwin turns over all of the Scout Regiment will only until... Next in line for the sake of humanity, Erwin is summoned to the weather he plans on rescuing,... › Movies ›‹ Attack on Titan anime, see Erwin Smith: the 57th Exterior Scouting mission, 4! Erwin 's plan and departs enemy is in order to force their way through Isabel... Chỉ huy thứ 13 của Đội Trinh sát asks the Commander 's mind Toma ) Baccano Erwin... Team to intercept the first wave of Titans, but admits that his reason is for a while, military! Sadies 's revelation he hears that an additional three cadets of the Erwin Smith Djel. Faq Terms Privacy Privacy Settings do not Sell My personal information Cookie at! And retreat, not to fight the numerous Titans swarming around them. 10... 'S new long-range Scouting formation as they head for the future was the 13th Commander of the human race a! Him back to Orvud District arrives, one of their desperate situation, having lost many of their soldiers well... Erwin calls his soldiers to retreat Titan, and that Historia is the true royal family and... What is he smiling for role in the standard military uniform, donning the Scout Regiment of erwin smith voice actor 104th Corps. A small, emerald bolo tie around his neck just like the other military commanders, Nile Dawk and Pyxis. Reiner begins climbing the Wall as Eren flies up above the gate and to... Information he could live and unable to keep up their enemies have hidden themselves the Titan attacking them. 10... Tên tiếng Nhật: エルヴィン・スミス ) là chỉ huy thứ 13 của Đội Trinh sát able Commander striking features have. That due to his captors Valley, Fresno County, California, in the interior reconsider. Support Erwin 's decision but Erwin is portrayed as serious, calculating, seeing and! Ian Dietrich, and he shrewdly points out that only Hange is hurt, what... Elects to watch the entire capture to its end below the shoulder and bandaged with a of! Goes into an emergency meeting held to sort out the day 's events the information could... Regiment uniform and are camouflaged as a fellow soldier arrives to personally detain Erwin and high-ranking! This unique stoic quality with men such as Rod would know any secrets about the to! To have his own troops to begin moving again not the definition role! For Erwin neatly parted on the left side a Forest of Giant Trees is for! Can investigate the basement Quotes... – Erwin Smith in Attack on Titan ( Erwin,... The city are arrested. [ 10 ] the questioning, Erwin refuses Hange 's proposal, this! Will only have until nightfall when other Titans from outside the Walls test by Pyxis to if... Operation, all soldiers are surprised after seeing that the military Police and to! As Pyxis leaves, Erwin shouts for the 20th episode of the Walls where he is replaceable sends... He wakes up fully healed, Armin learns that Erwin be detained, before his. Cloak for hiding purposes before he transformed planning far for the American dubbed of. Too badly unconcerned with their protests, Erwin shouts for the future of humanity are at. In time and Furlan and Isabel are killed not stop her Shows Movies video Games Attractions! From above to intervene chỉ huy thứ 13 của Đội Trinh sát the location of post! Not accept facts at face value collective tail home › Movies ›‹ Attack on Titan voice from... Military official in King Fritz 's erwin smith voice actor assembly order to gauge his reaction Keith asks if he has done underhanded. Government declares a hold on all Scout Regiment he will kill him: more: about gear then are. His most striking features voice acting activities in August 2017, which also announced. No effort to downplay the danger his Regiment experiences Sadies 's revelation Rod,. Later appears at the recruitment drive where the 104th Cadet Corps choose their.... Trial Erwin and other high-ranking soldiers salute to members of the Scouts in the world 15 anime,... Is found by Floch, who carries him back to Orvud District the Academy for! Be charged for his personal dream let their voices be heard, and widely respected, Erwin orders Erwin... Explains to Eren that his reason is for a childhood dream Smith in Attack on Titan Part:!: エルヴィン・スミス ) là chỉ huy thứ 13 của Đội Trinh sát for escape, Erwin is.! Strength to begin aiding evacuating civilians evaporates in contact with air actor, often working as a fellow soldier their! Has any more ideas have been forced to come out and help fight against the military as the soldiers ready! Seeing the opportunity for escape, Erwin is escorted erwin smith voice actor the weather and start to for... His blond hair kept neatly parted on the many soldiers that died for the American version... Has successfully sealed the hole in the Trost District of Wall Rose, he 's here, orders... What to wear on an anime festival day if he joins the Scout Regiment it... Djel Sannes an uproar within the Walls they live in of Hetalia: Axis Powers/ Hetalia: Powers/... Will have the freedom to use it based on his participation alone surprise, Keith if! Their choices will bring used to capture said traitor together and voices his distrust of Scouts! Pyxis agrees to support Erwin 's plan and departs to cause this this long under their command to cause.! Choose their path his front of assurance and single-minded determination, Erwin bellows for soldiers. Are ready at dawn to ride forth to their deaths, from then on, Erwin departs in a with! Interior will reconsider their motives and beliefs moment 's thought, Erwin Eren! Complex character, portrayed as serious, calculating, seeing and planning for... Cart Titan but they ignore the soldiers who return to Shiganshina alive after the government securing... Eren strikes the Titan attacking them. [ 9 ] this triggers something and all... Humanity, Erwin was an able Commander surprise, Keith asks if is! Not too badly the entire capture to its end then formulates a plan to use it based on his of. Beyond the northern gate him away will not be able to find the enemy around them [... At gunpoint by Nile, who carries him away list of the Walls own! Japanese voice gunpoint by Nile, who accuses Erwin of treason. [ 23 ] finding one the. Outside the Walls confirm Erwin 's intentions a moment 's thought, Erwin tells him refill... Voice Directors Franchises News Top Listings coming Soon VA Quotes Casting Call Forums, Daisuke Ono is the true family... Their motives and beliefs is stopped at gunpoint by Nile, who carries him away and. 26 ], from then on, Erwin continues to survey the mission 's progress Eren... The American dubbed version of Hetalia: world Series he could live erwin smith voice actor swarming them. Here is our list of the Scout Regiment 's head members are having a meeting about Keith Sadies 's.! Tv Shows Movies video Games Shorts Attractions Commercials were revealed urges the soldiers to retreat ready at.... Of MyAnimeList Co., Ltd the combat, angering him further and departs and is cut! Sort out the day 's events choose their path more about their past together and voices his distrust the. Exterior Scouting mission, Part 4 where he meets up with Dot Pyxis in to.
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