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Students must be declared Psychology Majors in order to take PSYC 217 and 218, which are required for the Major. The major theoretical perspectives represented in faculty interests are behavioural, cognitive, social learning, interpersonal and psychophysiological. Minimum Academic Requirements. Interpret and create graphs and tables that summarize numerical data from various research designs used in psychology’s various subfields.Interpret and use basic descriptive and inferential statistics to solve problems. In addition, applicants must also have achieved: A minimum grade of B (72% at UBC) in each prerequisite course. Ultimately though, to complete our program successfully, all graduate students must be able to work, within the limits of their competence, with any client placed in their care in a safe and ethical manner consistent with the protections afforded by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. For some trainees, integrating personal beliefs or values with professional competence in working with all clients/patients may require additional time and faculty support. The University of British Columbia offers a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Psychology. Admission requirements For more information about this program, please contact the school directly. Students must be declared psychology majors in order to take PSYC 217 and 218, which are required for the major. An introduction to the history of psychology (6th Ed.). Benjafeld, J. Each team usually consists of approximately two students who are supervised by a clinical faculty member, and students typically begin to see clients early in the course of the first practicum. Students are reminded that the Faculty of Arts requires at least 60 credits outside the Major for the Bachelor of Arts, and that the Department of Psychology requires at least 30 senior-level Psychology credits for the Psychology Major. Apply foundational and current knowledge from at least three areas within psychology to predict behaviour, Use psychological research and theory to deepen insight into one’s own and others’ behaviour, Synthesize peer-reviewed research literature in psychology to answer questions about behaviour that are relevant personally or professionally, and/or to deepen knowledge of a topic in psychology, Critically evaluate claims about psychological topics presented in non-scholarly sources including the media, Conduct a basic experiment with human participants collaboratively with peers, including design, ethical approval, data collection, basic statistical analysis, and presentation. Thus, students should expect to be assigned clients that may differ from them on these variables and present challenges for them at some point in training. Clinical Case Conferences also provide students with the opportunity to prepare and deliver case presentations concerning their ongoing clinical caseload. Students are required to take Clinical Psychology Practicum (PSYC534) in both Years 2 and 3. Students must be declared psychology majors in order to take PSYC 217 and 218, which are required for the major. As with the required practicum, plans for these elective training opportunities must be developed in conjunction with the student’s faculty advisor and are submitted in writing for approval by the Clinical faculty. Practica that are not approved in advance by the clinical program will not be certified as training hours toward readiness for internship and are not covered by the university’s liability insurance that covers required practicum training in pursuit of a degree. Admission requirements Requirements for admission vary depending on where you attended high school, which UBC campus you hope to attend, and which degree you’re applying to. The course must be similar in breadth and rigor to PSYC 500, and the student must have achieved a mark of at least 80% in the course. PubMed (1946 - present) Premier database containing over 23 million references to journal articles in medicine and life sciences, including neuroscience and neuropsychology. Professional competencies are determined by the profession for the benefit and protection of the public; consequently, students do not have the option to avoid working with particular client populations or refuse to develop professional competencies because of conflicts with their attitudes, beliefs, or values. Consistent with this principle, policy in the UBC training program does not allow discrimination on the basis of age, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or socioeconomic status in the services provided. To accomplish the general objectives of the program, the plan of MA and PhD study includes a series of clinical and non-clinical courses and practica supervised by professional psychologists in university and community agencies. (see COVID-19 update above) A minimum overall average in the B+ (76% at UBC) range in all senior level (300 and 400 level) courses. Electives are available to complete the 120 credits required for the degree. None of PSYC 340, 388, 440, nor 488 may count towards this minimum. How parent and child Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder symptoms predict parenting behaviours in mothers and fathers: Self-Report and observational measures, Coping, information preferences, and treatment choice in men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer, Mechanisms that underlie cultural disparities in women’s sexual desire: The role of sex guilt and its treatment, Characteristics of the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder traumatic stressor: A study of rural and northern first responders, From affect to action: Daily emotions and non-suicidal self-injury, Metacognition and cravings during smoking cessation, The modulatory role of selective attention on P50 sensory gating and event related beta activity in schizophrenia, Perfectionism, social exclusion, and anorexia nervosa symptoms, Better safe than sorry? Welcome to the website of the UBC Chapter of Psi Chi! and the Ph.D. degrees in Clinical Psychology and in Psychological Science. Note that COGS degree requirements are listed by Faculty, then specialization (e.g. In addition, students are required to attend the Case Conference / Professional Issues Seminar in both years of the MA program. Construct an understanding of human behaviour that integrates both environmental and biological/cognitive influences by majoring in psychology at UBC. Please explore our website to learn more about how joining Psi Chi can enrich your student experience here at UBC. The Clinic provides training in cognitive-behavioural, motivational, and interpersonal therapy to treat addictive and impulse control disorders, anxiety disorders, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, behaviour problems of childhood (e.g., bedwetting, school refusal), eating disorders, interpersonal problems, mood disorders, oppositional defiant disorder, perfectionism, psychophysiological disorders (e.g., headache, hypertension), and somatoform disorders. Students are required to do a community-based practicum full-time during the summer after the 2nd or 3rd year of the program or part-time during the 4th academic year. Fort Worth, TX: Wadsworth. For two years, students carry out clinical work under the direct supervision of department clinical faculty. Students are also required to demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of historical foundations of psychology and one of the advanced clinical courses (assessment, psychopathology, or intervention) must focus on children (i.e., PSYC 532 Child Assessment, PSYC 536 Psychopathology of the Child, or PSYC 556 Treatment of Child Disorders). The program provides students with a grounding in the principles and techniques used by intelligent systems both natural and artificial. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. In addition to completing all required courses, the history requirement, and all data collection for their dissertation, students must also demonstrate broad-based competencies in relation to program objectives for clinical, professional, and scientific knowledge and skills. Application for exemption includes a letter requesting the exemption, a hard copy of the undergraduate transcript showing the course, and a copy of the course syllabus.
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