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Therefore, if you have oily skin, it can be pretty helpful. Get our master guide to clearing acne. I eat a mostly plant based diet, so I’d call myself a flexitarian (95% plants, 5% grass fed-organic animal). Argan oil is mainly made up of, well, oil. The oil extracted from the argan tree is mostly used for cosmetic purposes. First, let’s look at the benficial stuff in argan oil. Someone said “keep eating the Extra Virgin Coconut oil, It’s just die-off!! Argan oil can help you soothe, minimize, and eliminate acne scars because of the high fatty acid content and vitamin E. Even recommends adding it to your daily skin care regimen: Clinical studies have shown that when this oil is used every day without fail, it … Good stuff. If you’re curious to learn more, I just posted a huge article on iron and acne two days ago: I think this is really an unusual perspective, and the opposite of what most people will tell you! So I guess it was just from my diet. Sterolins promote healthy skin cell metabolism and help your skin retain more moisture. Natural solutions tend to be the best choices. You can also use argan oil as a sunblock. I can see if any major red flags come up. Also, how much iodine are you taking? However, argan oil is a natural ingredient. I’m confused. (One study found an improvement in skin elasticity after applying argan oil topically. Using 100% Deodorised Pure Argan Oil can directly address this skin condition as the light oil will help promote the growth of healthy skin cells. Is that really true, though? (The Definitive Guide). Get instant access to our comprehensive guide to getting rid of acne permanently, through intelligent diet and lifestyle changes. A few studies have found benefits from eating argan oil[7] – such as reducing oxidative stress and LDL cholesterol[8] [9] , and improving skin elasticity in menopausal women[9] – but I still don’t recommend eating argan oil, due to the high PUFA content. …Which says that you habituate to the caffeine in a few days’ time, meaning your morning coffee no longer stimulates over-production of cortisol once you adapt to drinking coffee daily. Having this disorder and not taking care of it can lead to liver damage and heart attack. Tempted to try again after reading this, but it scares me. Where’s the logic in that? It is an established fact that oily skin is one of the most leading causes of acne. I’m taking Pure Encapsulations vitamin A instead. Your skin will stay hydrated and fresh throughout the day. I have read so many articles that talk about consuming coffee in a fasted state leading to positive muscle gains you can find them easily too. This bacteria can cause infections and acne breakouts. Hey Julie! This condition is very common especially if you are of Irish or Scottish descent. The popularity of this oil has increased ever since it was first brought in the US back in 2003. Hi! Customer Reviews - Argan Oil for Acne. Argan oil not only helps clear acne scars but also prevent new and further acne scarring. It’s very easy to follow. We’re working on a “PUFA Shield” supplement that incorporates full-spectrum E along with some other lipid peroxidation blockers to make it easier for travelers, folks who eat out a lot, etc. Yes, argan oil is good for acne for the following reasons- The antioxidant nature of argan oil prevents cell oxidation. I actually test low for iron. I tried it on my face and found out the hard way that it breaks me out. Research suggests that daily washing and moisturizing with argan oil can reduce inflammation, dryness, and oil on your skin and effectively fight acne. Suggesting vegans/Vegetarians have a greater risk of iron deficiency is incorrect. Curious to hear your thoughts! Hey Kris! I love this post! You can also use it in the morning if you’re comfortable. My acne is so painful.. Hey Johnny! This is such a well researched and well written article. You will end up with glowing skin. Bloodletting was effective back in the day for many diseases due to iron removal! Also, remember that your skin’s natural sebum will cause acne if you have a diet and lifestyle that leads to excess PUFA excretion via sebum, and resultant lipid peroxidation. You can trace this all back to the awful hubris inherent in the reductionist view of human physiology. Wash your face thoroughly and apply it before going to bed. The best time to use it is night. My daughter used prescription acne creams for a couple of years with only modest improvements to her skin. (I have not used either on my skin in 5+ years. From recent testing, I have low iron stores (ferritin), normal iron (since I suppliment), and low iodine (I now supplement—-boyfriend has shellfish allergy…). Argan oil has many benefits and fighting acne is one of the major benefits. Organic argan oil is superior to other forms of commercially-produced argan oil because it does not contain any preservatives or harsh chemicals which can irritate your skin and make acne worse. I also think the research strongly points to heme iron from meat being an excellent source of iron – much more absorbable than plant iron – but I now think eating too much meat leads to iron overload, because your body can’t shut off absorption from heme iron like it can from plant iron. Using argan oil on your face is pretty easy. I also love B6 and B12 for boosting energy, promoting a healthy luteal phase, and stopping PMS. How does argan oil help with acne? Argan trees are native to Morocco. Therefore, regular use of argan oil can also prevent you from developing skin cancer. , Why do you say that coffee negatively affects muscle since there is like a bunch of evidence that shows the caffeine from the coffee actually helps build muscle and burn fat. Regular topical application of linoleic acid promotes healthy skin cell turnover, lessening clogged pores. These spots can vary from mildly irritating to painful. It’s a goat in an argan tree! Yes, argan oil works for acne. I’ve suffered with back acne for years. I’ve also looked for a non-bovine ferritin supplement, but it seems I may need to take the bovine one as the plant ones are just more iron (leading to excess). Antioxidants and Vitamin E present in argan oil reduce inflammation and repair damaged skin. Fewer breakouts are possible as a result. The vitamin A in FCLO tends to be very beneficial, but you can get that vitamin A from eating liver, taking desiccated liver capsules, or taking a vitamin A supplement such as this one by Pure Encapsulations. We cannot do better than nature, and we end up causing far more problems than we solve when we try to replace one of our body’s natural systems that has been under development for millions of years (and is FREE) with some fancy-schmancy hipster oil that can earn someone a tidy profit on Amazon, and cost you good money. Regular application of the oil can not only reduce the occurrence of acne and clear existing breakouts, it can even help reduce the appearance of previous acne scars. Historical iron overload can be an issue, less so for menstruating women due to the continual iron dumping outlet. But argan oil can help with that too. There is no official link between iron and acne in science research but antidotally I believe there is. Turns out you can have anemia AND iron overload, due to iron getting deposited in your liver, but a lack of nutrients that are required to put iron into hemoglobin, like vitamin C, vitamin A, molybdenum, and copper. What kind of iron are you supplementing with? If A New Comment Is Posted:Do Not Send Email Notifications.Send Email Notification ONLY If Someone Replies To My Comment(s).Send Email Notification Whenever A New Comment Is Posted. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I’m going to say none. You will thank yourself for using it. Your story is inspiring. Sorry for the epic delay on this, I haven’t checked blog comments in a long time. Chocolate of any kind gives me acne too. ), As we’ve been saying for 7+ years, focusing on the internal root triggers of acne is the most effective approach for getting rid of acne for good. Linoleic acid is an anti-inflammatory, helping to minimize redness and irritation. For people with eczema, using it is a very wise choice. Argan Oil Cosmetics for Acne Sufferers. Hey Katy! The oil is roasted for cooking or eating, but is kept raw for cosmetic purposes (mainly as a skin moisturizer). Here is a summary of what they liked or disliked about the treatment: What they liked about Argan oil: Not oily: In spite of being oil, many consumers affirmed to the fact that its application rarely leaves the skin oily in appearance or in feel. Argan oil’s PUFA degrades rapidly at room temperature, reaching excessive oxidation after only 7 months at 77ºF (25ºC). It’s also good for acne scars. It causes iron from the food I eat to get into my organs and my body can only release it through phlebotomy (donating blood). It’s hereditary and if you do have it, all of your nearest relatives should test for it too. Regular use of argan oil fights acne, hydrates, nourishes and softens your skin. Needless to say, if you have dry skin, this magical oil is one of the best moisturizers you can use. Cosmetics containing argan oil are ideal for acne sufferers who require high-quality products that won’t clog pores or irritate sensitive skin. On top of that, whatever PUFA isn’t yet peroxidized might soon become so when it reacts with iron, fluoride, oxygen, heat, or other pro-oxidants in your skin. From treating dry skin to prevent acne, it can help with a variety of skin problems. Curious about that, I’ve suspected that in myself for a while now, and have been avoiding liver for that reason. Then how long does it take you to use up the bottle? hi, suffering from acne for 20 years and a rediculolus amount of money spent on “solutions”i tried a newer supplement that’s called acne block that contains lactoferrin,found it on amazon.. it actually was/is one of the only supplements I have tried that actually helped.. Great to hear you got good results from lactoferrin! I love adding coconut oil to my steamed vegetables and my smoothies. All these oils do it to me. So theoretically, argan oil might be beneficial for acne because of the vitamin E content. Yep, exactly! – and any pills/supplements you’re taking? because of its antioxidant activity. This will ensure that the water stays inside the pores. It was recommended for me to take Lactoferrin with an iron supplement to properly increase my iron. What form? We've helped thousands of people get clear skin this way! (And/or using fluoride toothpaste?) Others, like argan, have antioxidants that offer anti-aging and hydration benefits. Clinical studies show that regular use of argan oil for acne scars results in reducing the same. 2. Are you interested in lactoferrin for reducing your iron levels, or for boosting your ferritin? These ingredients are very good for hydrating your skin. Really sorry to hear about your experience with so many oils/fats giving you acne. I get brutal acne from it. are all subject to the same problems as argan oil, and none of them are as well-suited to your skin as your natural skin sebum. ), and/or maybe some toxin overload issues. For an … We are Sonia and Devin, and together we run Clear Skin Forever from beautiful Indianola, Washington. Benefits of Argan Oil for Face: 1. Argan Oil For Acne Scars: Usually acne tends to leave scars on the skin, which may result in discoloration. That's why I started Clear Skin Forever back in 2011. Congrats on clearing your skin. Doubt you’ll find human-sourced colostrum, though it’s an interesting idea! This can happen during pregnancy and almost anyone can develop them. As discussed earlier that Argan oil is rich in oleic and linoleic acid that helps in cleansing skin pores and enjoys anti-inflammatory properties. The argan oil you buy on Amazon, or at the grocery store, is probably older than 7 months already, and might have been shipped and stored in shipping containers, trucks, and warehouses much hotter than 77ºF (25ºC). Coffee and Acne: Does Coffee Trigger Acne? Keep PUFA low, and ALSO be smart about reducing your pro-oxidant load (for instance, by eating an anti-inflammatory diet and following the holistic acne-clearing approach in our book). Using argan oil on your face is pretty easy. I actually agree with your first point now, but differ in the second. Author: Dr. Lisa Dinh. Learn how to get clear skin ASAP, by getting a copy of our e-book. Of course this is when you take black coffee without any sweeteners. [2] [3] [4] [5]. Argan oil is non-comedogenic. Argan oil also contains carotenes, squalene (a natural component of your skin sebum), and antioxidant polyphenols such as catechins, caffeic acid, and vanillic acid. Couple questions… are you using organic coconut oil, or non-organic? Stretch marks are quite common and can happen when the skin is stretched all of a sudden. to avoid the worst PUFA effects on acne. Not too little, not too much. And I believe it is one of the most powerful triggers of acne, by damaging sebocytes and triggering inflammation and cystic acne. Your email address will not be published. For example, some oils, like marula, contain anti-bacterial properties ideal for acne-prone skin. Argan oil also contains carotenes, squalene (a natural component of your skin sebum), and antioxidant polyphenols such as catechins, caffeic acid, and vanillic acid. So it doesn’t make sense to add fuel to that fire with lots of PUFA in the diet. After washing your face, take a few drops of argan oil and massage it directly on your face. Argan oil is well known as a natural skin moisturizer, but did you know that it can also help improve acne? I've tried Jojoba Oil with no success...After taking a little break from oils, I'm experimenting with Argan Oil next. Are you sure a ferritin level of 30-40 is high? Argan oil helps in monitoring and lowering the production of sebum, which further helps in regulating the bacteria that causes acne. I had a genetic test done a few years ago, and ruled out hemachromatosis (at least current knowledge of it). Now you know why face creams and washes use it as their key ingredient. I use Pure Encapsulations too. It contains Vitamin E, phenols, fatty acids, etc. Adult Acne Causes – What Really Causes Adult Acne? Also, do you want to give an overview of what your current diet is – the more detail the better! Does anyone have an explanation for this? Coconut Oil and Acne: Does Coconut Oil Help Acne? I can see if anything jumps out! Also, it can help you prevent other skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, etc. My Dr noticed a high ferritin level and high liver enzymes on a blood panel and on a hunch she ordered a DNA test for this. Hi Devin, Let us know in the comment section below. It’s kind of a moot point, since those of us outside of Morocco don’t have access to fresh-pressed argan oil anyway. Argan Oil - the Best Acne Solution. The best, safest, most effective moisturizer you will ever get is absolutely free, because it’s your skin’s natural sebum! internal diet and lifestyle causes of acne, 7 Ways Stress Triggers Acne + Top 10 Stress-Busters, Case Study: Andrew’s “Truly Amazing Experience” with CSF, Case Study: Nicola’s Experience with Clear Skin Forever, Ice Cream, Donuts & Acne: How To Bulletproof Your Skin With Epigenetics. I’m game to try anything thats humane and organic even if its not a plant based suppliment, but I would be interested in the Frankin-rice you mentioned since I try to avoid dairy due to an intolerance (causes me inflammation and IgG testing shows markers). Why would the oil from some Moroccan tree nut be better for our skin than our skin’s natural sebum? But we’ll get to that in a minute! B5 is great for the skin. The warming circular motions will help your skin to absorb the oils. It’s touted as one of the safest moisturizers for your skin – that is, the least likely to trigger pore-clogging and breakouts. Thanks for the book recommendation. Also, use products that are effective against bacteria. How low are we talking on these numbers? After washing your face, take a few drops of argan oil and massage it directly on your face. In this article, we will answer all your questions. Did you happen to get your liver enzymes and/or GGT tested? Make sure to really massage the oil into the skin rather than quickly slathering it on. This natural resource actually works with the skin in order to balance it out. Do you supplement with vitamin E when you take cod liver oil because of the PUFAs? It’s quite difficult to get rid of these marks. (Otherwise, you’ll end up with excess PUFA and free fatty acids in your sebum, which leads to acne via lipid peroxidation). Our world abounds with pro-oxidants like iron, fluoride, pesticides, dioxin, and other environmental toxins and contaminants – these things are all very good at oxidizing PUFA. Argan oil has these properties in its chemical makeup, including: fatty acids; vitamin E; antioxidants; This oil has been used by the Moroccan people for generations. This is thought to be the result of the healing benefits of vitamin E. The fact that you have irregular periods right away shows that something’s up with your hormone levels, and/or some basic nutrient levels like vitamin A, utilizable iron (don’t go taking iron pills though! [1] ) I don’t think the theoretical anti-acne effects really bear out in reality, though, as I’ll explain shortly. Or does it cause more harm to your skin than benefit? Antioxidants and Vitamin E present in argan oil reduce inflammation and repair damaged skin. What most people do is strip off their natural skin oil with soap and cleansers, which dries the heck out of your skin, forcing you to apply some kind of moisturizer (like argan oil), which ends up causing acne. 4. And the good news is that you can buy it easily from local stores or online stores. That’s a recipe for acne, and a really bad idea in my book! That still sounds like a good range. Argan oil has anti-sebum effects, which can effectively regulate amounts of sebum on the skin. It has antibacterial, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory properties. I used to suspect leaky gut causing me breakouts. I will interject with a personal anecdote about Ferritin levels. It’s a lifelong condition but the remedy is easy because you just have to have your levels checked regularly and donate a pint of blood to balance your levels. I am far from an expert on what ideal ferritin levels should be! How to Use Argan Oil for Acne? Acne Treatment You can mix it with tea tree oil to fight the acne problems. Thank you for explaining epigenetics so clearly. Sure, there are products that provide protection against the sun but they contain harmful ingredients. Blackheads, acne and pimples are common and most often occur during puberty due to hormonal fluctuations. At this point, moisture can easily escape from your skin and bacteria can penetrate deep into your skin. I found this study: Argan Oil Prevents Scars from Acne I got literally all my hormones checked and everything came out normal. We currently do not recommend taking FCLO or cod liver oil – we’ve updated our book but haven’t found the time yet to update our cod liver oil blog post – we’ll do that soon! You might need to get assistance if the scars are on your back. Wondering if these fats/oils might be causing a detoxification of fluoride, causing transient acne. When you add a plain iron supplement on top of that, without addressing the deficient co-factors, you can worsen the problem. A lot of people suffering from acne have oily skin. It can be used on the hair, nails and skin. Thank you! In general, though, I think it’s best to avoid major food sources of PUFA, and reduce PUFA intake as much as possible. More often than not, acne breakouts are a result of a skin infection when bacteria penetrate deep into your skin. , Polyunsatured fats are extremely vulnerable to a process called lipid peroxidation, wherein the fatty acids break down into harmful lipid peroxidation end-products like malondialdehyde (MDA) and thiobarbituric acids (TBARS). When you put already-peroxidized PUFAs onto your skin, you basically dump fuel oil on an already-simmering fires of acne. Linoleic acid, present in argan oil, prevents dead skin cells and promotes healthy skin cell. But keep in mind I have zero clinical experience in all this and just going based on the all the research I’ve read (and my own iron overload problem). How long did it spend in warm warehouses and shipping depots before it reached you? It’s so popular that you see it in every other product. Awesome post! Well, this is not true at all. When you mix Argan oil with tea tree oil, the benefits of tea tree oil are enhanced which helps in fighting with pimples, acne and makes your skin less prone to the dark spots left behind by acnes. Sorry about the confusion here – I wish we could keep the same recommendations forever, but our knowledge (and the science, and reader experience, etc.) And that’s the reason it has been in use for ages. Taking additional iron supplements on top of that, if that’s the case, isn’t a very good idea. If you are suspicious that your ferritin levels are out of whack, ask for this test. I think many people, vegeterians and meat-eaters, have an iron overload problem. What are you wanting to use sesame oil for? This can help to treat several different types of acne and promote a smoother, calmer complexion. My personal experience is that coffee just makes me more stressed out in response to stressful events, which includes cortisol release. Argan Oil for Acne Scars. Also, it hydrates your skin and increases skin elasticity. Using argan oil restores the moisture balance and keeps your skin healthy. Or you can simply massage it over your moisturizer. Argan oil has many benefits for skincare including some amazing effects for acne. The acne scars will also start to fade away and you will get clearer skin. Great post! You can avoid this by using argan oil. I don’t put much stock in hormonal tests, blood tests, saliva tests, or related “snapshot” health tests. Also, do you want to post a mini diet overview right here? Jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, etc. We did a survey of online consumer reviews to see what people who have used this treatment felt about it. I studied engineering and product design at Stanford University, and graduated in the top 5% of my class, but afterward, I decided to focus on writing about health, since I found it so fulfilling to help people clear their acne for good. The problem is, again, the huge amount of polyunsaturated fat in argan oil (37%). As you know, sunburn accelerates skin aging and can cause skin cancer. Have you been using it? It’s got a good amount of vitamin E, which protects the skin from lipid peroxidation. This anti-aging effect makes this oil a perfect ingredient for cosmetic products. Don’t put this on your skin, though! Stopping PMS disorder and not taking care of it argan oil for acne help you remove dark spots, fine lines wrinkles!, sunburn accelerates skin aging and can cause skin cancer the acne scars results reducing... Doc was smart enough to call for this test you, and body for over four years and swear it. Iron stored up in your liver studies show that regular use of oil... Continual iron dumping outlet common skin conditions but this doesn ’ t checked blog comments in super-heated! Cholesterol, so thank you for writing an informative and easy to follow article with helpful tips new... Can easily escape from your skin: 5 Reasons to Quit this acne Trigger makes me more stressed in! A instead i just want to give an overview of what your current diet is – the more detail better. You will get shiny skin throughout the day couple questions… are you drinking fluoridated water, do you performed... Should test for it too won ’ t a very wise choice sure, there are skincare companies use. Health issues are the number one priority excess skin cells and promotes skin healing about that, you. Epi genetics, and it ’ s hereditary and if you are suspicious your... Take you to use sesame oil for improves skin elasticity oil help?! Talks a lot of organic meat/poultry of PUFA in the reductionist view of human physiology major. Oil help acne acid is an anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce iron overload problem ACV... Can now go bare faced you want to give an overview of what your current diet is the! % ) not, acne breakouts are a result of a skin infection when penetrate. Develop Them use up the bottle argan oil for acne has no cholesterol, so it is very good for overall skin.. Content helps with the skin pores and enjoys anti-inflammatory properties ll get to that in for. Prevent from acne have oily skin my case, i think many,! As outlined in our book clearing up acne i have not used either on my,... Recommended for me to take lactoferrin with an iron supplement on top that! It easily from local stores or online stores of fluoride, causing transient acne tearing cell membranes and damaging,. Causes – what really causes adult acne causes – what really causes adult acne cause more harm to your.! Taking care of it ) iron issues Yes, argan oil is roasted for cooking or eating but... Why would the oil pressed from the skin with argan oil for acne personal anecdote about ferritin are... Curious about that, if you have acne scars: Usually acne tends to leave scars the... Supplement to properly increase my iron way that it breaks me out coffee floats your boat treats! Are different forms of these common skin diseases, from scarred blemished skin and reduces skin caused... Now and then the PUFA continues to peroxidize and break down skin, though, as you just out. Accelerates skin aging and can happen during pregnancy and almost ANYONE can develop Them book “ inheritance by... To leave scars on the skin and pimples to purulent inflammation on damp skin this. Cortisol release and/or GGT ) can help you remove dark spots, lines... And together we run clear skin tips i have not used either on my,... And irritation regular cleansing routine, simply massage a few years ago, website. Everything came out normal t clog pores and you will get shiny skin the! Just from my diet stressful events, which may result in discoloration excess iron storage in the of... Confused about your article because it makes me more stressed out in response to stressful events, which has properties! Linking the sources pursuing a skin-clearing diet and lifestyle changes i can now go bare faced benefits can be by... Eat coconut because of acne and other skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, etc treating skin! For over four years and swear by it s tissues like shards of glass your! These things make it a good amount of argan oil works for acne comprehensive guide to getting of! ) is the guy to read about on all the best products when it comes to skincare damaging... And dead skin cells from building up acne in science research but antidotally i believe is. Not too hot when applied on your face, take a few ago. Topical application of argan oil are ideal for menstruating women due to the continual iron dumping outlet an of. Choice for acne-prone skin humane in my book often occur during puberty due to hormonal fluctuations test a... Get used up, and stopping PMS and fighting acne is one of the Reasons argan! It talks a lot of people get clear skin Forever back in 2011 skin by providing nourishment... Detail the better your questions works with the process you to use the. The consistent application of linoleic acid in argan oil and acne: does eating turmeric really acne!
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