Marshmallow is actually the root of the marshmallow plant, which bears the scientific name Althaea officinalis. Phone: 800.326.2700 Marshmallow, a UK insurance company that is focused on driving innovation in the migrant motor insurance market, received notification of the trademark infringement claim after they came up with the idea in 2016 and registered the name - something they ran past lawyers at the time. Overview; Storefront Plans & Pricing; Advertising & Email Marketing Services To fix that, the Marshmallow team — which also includes Tim Holliday, who was previously the Chief Underwriting Officer and MD of Personal Lines at Zurich — has built an underwriting system that aggregates global data rather than U.K.-only data. Backing the company, which is set to launch later this year, is Passion Capital, and Investec Bank. | We’re using technology to make insurance instant, affordable and inclusive. “Car insurance typically requires an insurer to understand a person’s driving ability, driving history and current lifestyle before they can offer them an accurate price,” explains Marshmallow’s Oliver Kent-Braham. 23172 Plaza Pointe Drive Marshmallow policies are underwritten by Mulsanne Insurance, which is authorised by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, not the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (though it is on the FCA’s Financial Services Register and the FCA says customers may be able to use the Financial Ombudsman in the event of a dispute). Sign-In/Register; How Our Platform Works. Marshmallow policy. "It was the principle," said Oliver Kent-Braham. In the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) judgment the government's intellectual property office ruled that members of the public are perfectly capable of distinguishing between a Marshmallow "a soft, sweet food" and a Marsh "a muddy area of land" and that the two names conveyed "very different conceptual messages," according to a May 14 press release. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. Marshmallow is an insurtech company that uses a proprietary pricing algorithm to lower prices for immigrants, expats and nomads. Commercial Insurtech Bold Penguin Joins American Family, Drive to Thrive: Sedgwick Highlights Industry Trends for 2021, ACORD Solutions Group Launches Data Exchange Platform with First-of-Its-Kind Implementation. BVI AIRWAYS APPROVED FOR NONSTOP FLIGHTS FROM NEW YORK/JFK TO THE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Make a complaint. Working with IBM, several major insurance companies are looking at transforming their actuarial and underwriting practices to remove bias in their model and test these models' drift for negative side effects on underrepresented minorities. Fast forward to 1666 when The Great Fire of London destroyed 70,000 of the city's 80,000 homes. By developing a proprietary rating matrix and by using new data sources, “Unfortunately, a lot of insurers don’t attempt to understand foreign drivers living in the U.K., instead they just overcharge them. The company’s research suggests that after one or two years of living in the U.K., people are ready to settle down and that this often means buying a car and inevitably getting insurance. “We combine this with a proprietary algorithm that eliminates underwriting bias before computing a more accurate price for foreign drivers living in the U.K.,” says Kent-Braham. Unlike other insurance companies, we embed data scientists in amongst the wider team, allowing us to quickly deploy cutting edge models. Marsh wanted to block the use of the Marshmallow name and laid claim to the word, which was the name chosen by founder entrepreneurs and twin brothers Oliver and Alexander Kent-Braham for their London-based startup. Insurance was created for protection - we make sure that it's accessible for those who need it most. New UK-based insurtech startup, Marshmallow is working on a product after receiving $1.2m in seed funding. The (actual) marshmallow herb benefits and uses are many, while any side effects are very few if any at all. Covid-19 has rattled global markets, and it’s an understatement to say the world is in disarray. Please use the following links to download: This site is not compatible with Internet Explorer. In other words — similar to other fintech narratives — this is being pitched as a battle against antiquated companies and old technology. But despite checking with lawyers, the brothers who founded Marshmallow – Oliver and Alex Kent-Braham – have found themselves engaged in a legal tussle with insurance heavyweight Marsh, who object to the use of the name Marshmallow. Marshmallow, a company of 6, has found itself paying £000’s of legal fees fighting a trademark case for the right to protect their name against one of the world’s largest brokers. $12.95 $ 12. The Marshmallow founder says typical customers are people who have moved to the U.K. to build a life here. “We’ve built everything from the ground up which enables us to access global data, have accurate pricing and a user experience that is transparent and convenient,’ adds Kent-Braham. Let our expert ratings help you quickly find out what the quality of your car insurance policy is. A startup in the United Kingdom called Marshmallow has raised $1.2 million in seed funding as it tries to use digital technology to lower auto insurance costs for … Our partners. Marsh did not want to comment on the outcome of the case. So this is just an alert that I wanted to make to potential customers, sometimes paying cheaper in a car insurance might have a high (emotional and financial) cost if you have a claim. However, Marshmallow has a new and unique approach to addressing the problem. FAQs Treating Customers Fairly Make a Claim Contact Us. Flights from Orlando also under consideration. Insurance Products Underwritten by Westport Insurance Corporation, Overland Park, Kansas, A Member of the Swiss Re Group. London-based startup Marshmallow has raised a $1.2m Seed to provide immigrants and expats with low-cost insurance. Marshmallow..... far smoooore reasonable than the rest Marshmallow were so helpful the first time round I was dead set on using them again. The number of years you have held a full, non-provisional, UK driving licence.